A Monkey Has Gone Missing From The Dallas Zoo in a Fourth Suspicious Incident

A Monkey Has Gone Missing From The Dallas Zoo in a Fourth Suspicious Incident – Two monkeys have allegedly been taken from a Dallas zoo — adding to a series of suspicious incidents including the release of a leopard and the payoff of a shark.

Police were advised on Monday when keepers set up the emperor tamarin monkey missing.

emperor tamarin, monkey, tamarin, Dallas Zoo
emperor tamarin, monkey, tamarin, Dallas Zoo

Zoo staff believe they were taken because the strain would typically stay close to home- and the monkeys weren’t housed on zoo grounds.

The zoo also said the quadrangle was” designedly compromised”.

Police said they believe someone cut an opening in the niche and took the two primates.

A string of suspicious incidents at the zoo began before this month when a youthful clouded leopard escaped its exhibition through a cut- eschewal hole. latterly it was set up safe.

Workers also saw deliberate cuts in an quadrangle of langur monkeys although none escaped.

Last week, an exposed shark with an” unusual crack” was set up dead in its quadrangle. The raspberry was one of only,500 on the earth and its death was supposed” largely suspicious”.

Zoo staff said the loss of the 35- time-old lappet- faced shark called Leg was ruinous, adding that he’d be” greatly missed by everyone”.

No apprehensions have been made in the disquisition, and Dallas police have declined to say whether the incidents are connected.

Since the unusual incidents began, the zoo has added fresh cameras and increased its security details at night.

Ed Hansen, principal superintendent of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, said it appeared that” someone really has a problem with the Dallas Zoo,” but that the zoo had an” excellent” character in the assiduity.

Emperor tamarin monkeys are distinctive for their long white whiskers that act mustaches. It’s believed that they were named after the last German emperor, Wilhelm II, who also had a moustache.

The zoo is located on 106 acres( 43 ha), is home to over,000 creatures, and is the oldest and largest zoo in Texas.

It made captions in 2004 when a 300 lb( 136 kg) goon escaped its quadrangle, injuring four people before being shot.

Source: BBC News

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