Autauga County Alabama Population, Geography, Government

Autauga County Alabama Population, Geography, Government – If you live in Autauga County, Alabama, you should know about its history. Read carefully the story we are covering about Autauga County Alabama in this story. This county is a part of the Montgomery metropolitan area.

There are 58,805 people, 21,397 households, and 15,076 families in this county. Autauga County was founded on November 21, 1818.There is one public school in Autauga County, Alabama. There are about 9,000 students in public K-12 schools.

Autauga County Alabama Population
Autauga County Alabama Population

The sheriff of Autauga County’s name is Joe Sedinger (R). Name of The Revenue Commissioner is Kathy Evans (R), the Probate Judge name is Kim Kervin (R), Deb Hill (R) is the Circuit Clerk, the Circuit Judge name is Ben Fuller (R).

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Randall Houston (R) is The District Attorney and the District Judge name is Joy Booth (R).There are also five district commissioners whose names and districts are given.

District 1: Commissioner is Sid Thompson, Republican, District 2: Commissioner is John L. Thrailkill, Republican, District 3: Commissioner is Bill Tatum, Republican.

District 4:Commissioner is Jay Thompson, Republican – Chairman, District 5: Commissioner is Larry Stoudemire, Democrat.

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