English Medium School in Dhanmondi Dhaka – 2023 List

english medium school list in dhanmondi dhaka

Today’s Bangladesh is a digital Bangladesh. At this time, the parents of our country are very conscious about education. They are keen to send their children to a good English medium school. At present English medium schools have improved their education system.

Many new English medium schools are being opened every year to make education better. Through this article, you can learn about the English Medium School in Dhanmondi Dhaka 2022 List.

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English Medium School in Dhanmondi Dhaka 2023 List :

  • Scholastica English Medium School.
  • Mastermind English Medium School.
  • Oxford International School.
  • Dhanmondi Tutorial.
  • Sunnydale.
  • Marie Curie School.
  • Daffodil International School.
  • Academia School.
  • European Standard School.
  • Maple Leaf International School.
  • Excel Academy.
  • Salvation International School & College.
  • Green Gems International School.
  • Cardiff International School.
  • BACHA English Medium School.
  • Averroes International School.

Most of the English medium schools are in Dhaka city. The government is thinking of ways to improve this English medium education. English medium schools follow the British curriculum. Now I will discuss the addresses, emails, mobiles, and more of the above-mentioned English medium schools in Dhanmondi.

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Scholastica English Medium School in Dhanmondi:

Junior Campus, Dhanmondi

For more details: http://www.scholasticabd.com/

For Admission: [email protected].

Head of CampusMS Rumana Karim, Senior Vice Principle
Telephone48114116, 48119095, 48119112, Mobile: 01819-252807, Fax: 9116457
Email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]
Scholastica School

Scholastica is a good quality English medium school in Dhaka city. This school was started in 1986. This school was established by Mrs. Yasmin Murshed. This school mainly provides education through the English medium. Yet they give equal importance to Bengal. This school teaches students to be good citizens because students are the future of the nation.

Mastermind English Medium School in Dhanmondi:

Mastermind English medium school address: House # 05, Road # 12(New), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh.

Contact Info: [email protected], Phone- ( +88 02 55026528, +88 02 55026529)

Working Our of the School: Open – (Sunday-Thursday- 8 Am to 3 PM)

For more information visit: http://www.mastermindschool.org/

Mastermind School was established in 1997. This school has been providing world-class education. They provide education both Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge curriculum in O level and A level. Every teacher of Mastermind School has a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a reputed university in the country or abroad. They have a well-equipped library for each department.

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Oxford International School in Dhanmondi:

Oxford International School, Dhanmondi Address and Contact Info:

Address House # 34, Road # 27 (Old), New 16, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209.
Customer Care01977693673
Phone +880248119660, +880248119661
E-mail [email protected]
Oxford International School

Oxford International School was founded in 1986. The school has five education buildings. The school has about 2500 students and 250 teachers. Oxford International School provides O-level and A-level education.

Website: https://ois.edu.bd/

Dhanmondi Tutorial School in Dhanmondi:

Dhanmondi Tutorial School Address: House No. 14, Road No. 8, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka, 1205, Bangladesh

Sunnydale School in Dhanmondi:

Sunnydale School Address:

AddressHouse # 2/A, Road # 8, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka – 1205, Bangladesh
Phone0173078798601713389795, 01777759640
E-mail[email protected]
Sunnydale school

Abdul Mannan Khan founded Sunnydale School in 1985. This school provides education according to the UK syllabus. Many of the students of this school’s O level and A level are getting admission to good colleges and universities abroad with very good results. You can visit their official website to know about Sunnydale school.

Visit: https://sunnydale.edu.bd/

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Marie Curie School in Dhanmondi:

Marie Curie School Address: House No # 4,28, Road No: 02, Phone: +88 02 58611073

Daffodil International School in Dhanmondi:

Daffodil International School in Dhanmondi Address:

AddressHouse# 11, Road # 14, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209,
Phone58157516, 9143026
Cell01713493291, 01713493226,
E-mail info@dis.edu.bd
Daffodil International School

Daffodil International School is a good quality English medium school. They teach according to the International Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel curriculum for students at home and abroad. This school has good quality teachers and adequate labs for the students.

Visit: http://www.dis.edu.bd/

Academia School in Dhanmondi:

Academia School in Dhanmondi address:

AddressHouse # 33, Road # 9/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka – 1209.
Phone 029120710, 01678308550
Email:[email protected], [email protected]
Academia School

Academia School started its journey in 2002. This school first started with a branch. At present this school has eight branches in Dhaka city. The Academia School provides education in the Edexcel and Cambridge curriculum.

Website: www.academiabd.com / www.academiaschool.edu.bd

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European Standard School in Dhanmondi:

European standard school in Dhanmondi Address: House- 66, Road No -7, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

Maple Leaf International School in Dhanmondi:

Maple Leaf International School Address:

AddressHouse no. 31, Road no. 14/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka (Play Group to Class X))
Telephone 88-02-55029138 Ext-0
Admission Office -2
AddressHouse no. 95/1, Road no. 11/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka (Classes XI-XII)
Telephone 88-02-8154932
Mobile 01743181060, 01783699672
Email[email protected]
Fax 88-02-8315910
Maple Leaf International School

Maple Leaf International School is a renowned English medium school. The school was established in 1972. The school provides education at IGCSE, GCE ‘A’ Levels, and International Advanced Levels as per British Curriculum. This school is taught by a very good quality teacher congregation. From this school every year is getting scholarships in reputed universities abroad.

Website: www.mlis.edu.bd

Excel Academy in Dhanmondi:

Excel Academy Address: House-18, Road-15, Mobile: 01791-099929

Salvation International School and College in Dhanmondi:

Salvation International School and College Address: House-25/B, Road- 9/A, Mobile-01766-388607

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Green Gems International School in Dhanmondi:

Address of Green Gems International School:

AddressHouse 33/A Rd No. 9A, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
Email[email protected]
Green Gems International School

Green Gems School started its journey in January 1991. This school is one of the earliest English medium schools. This is a private English medium school. The school is currently teaching following the Edexcel and Cambridge curriculum.

Visit: https://greengems.edu.bd/

Cardiff International School in Dhanmondi:

Address of cardiff international school in Dhanmondi:

Main CampusHouse: 60/A, Road-27 (Old), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
Second CampusHouse: 11, Road: 28, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209.
Phone: +8801313 485800, +880 1990 778462, +880 1990 778463
Mail[email protected]
Cardiff International School

Cardiff International School provides education by expert teachers in our country and teachers abroad. The school provides education at the International Cambridge Curriculum.

Visit: http://cisdbd.net/

BACHA English Medium School in Dhanmondi:

Address of BACHA English medium School in Dhanmondi: 105/4, Munipuripara Road, Website: http://bachabd.com/

Averroes International School in Dhanmondi:

Address of Averroes International School in Dhanmondi:

CEO & Head of School01711117827, [email protected]
Department of Administration01714622211 /02-8100340, [email protected]
Department of Admission01949000555/ 01954123123, [email protected]
Averroes International School

Averroes School started their educational journey in 2015. The school teaches at the primary and secondary levels in the Edexcel curriculum. Their libraries and labs are very advanced.

Through this article we have listed the English Medium School in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Each school has a website and email. You can contact if you need any need.

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