Samford University History

Samford University History
Samford University History

Samford University History – Samford University is a private Christian university. This university is located in the homewood of the state of Alabama. Samford University was founded in 1841. The name of this university at the time of establishment was Howard College.

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Samford University History
Samford University History


This college was founded by Baptists. Samford University is the 47th oldest institution of higher learning in America. The university enrolls approximately 5,683 students from 19 counties, 47 states and 2 territories. A man named James H. Devotie donated some land for Samford University. He served on the Samford Board of Trustees for nearly 15 years. He also served as president of Samford University for two years. Julia Tarrant Barron made the first financial gift of $4,000. Also he and his son gave some land to establish this college.

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This college started in January 1842 with the first nine students with traditional curriculum of language, literature and science. In a fire accident in 1854, all the properties of this college were destroyed. When the college was recovering from the fire accident, the civil war started. in 1863 Howard College use as a military hospital . At this time in this college use for training about war. This college reopen in 1865. From 1865 to 1868 Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry served as the president of this college. He committed to boarder education and supported expansion of normal school training.


In 1887, the Howard College Board of Trustees received real estate and funds from the City of Birmingham, Alabama. This college became fully and permanently coeducational in 1913. School of music and school of education and journalism are connect with this college. After World War II, the college moved to Shades Valley in Homewood, Alabama. A new campus was establish in 1955. This campus open in 1957.

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In 1961 this college take over by Cumberland School of Law. It was an old law school of national level. In 1965, the college added the School of Business and acquired the status of an affiliated university. Since then it has been known as Howard University. Later Frank Park changed the name of Samford to Samford University. In 1973, the Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing joined this university. In 1984, Samford University created a study center for foreign students. In 1994 the Samford Trustees allow their members to elect.

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