Learn About Baldwin County Alabama News Date: 31-05-2023 

The SpaceX Dragon Freedom Capsule made a sonic return that shocked coastal residents.

 Those in the Bay Area from Mobile to northwest Florida heard a mysterious roar just after 10 p.m. 

The sound was the sonic boom of the SpaceX Dragon Freedom capsule returning to Earth. Last May 21, 2023,

 SpaceX AX-210 went into space on a day mission. Astronauts Peggy Whitson, John Shoffner, Ali Alkarni and Ryanah Barnawi

 were on the mission. They spend about a week conducting outreach, science experiments, and on-orbit activities.

 They then returned to the Dragon Freedom capsule at 8:10 am. 

As it crossed the Gulf Coast on its return, its sound startled the Gulf residents.

 Around 10:04 p.m., the Ax-2 crew disembarked in the Gulf of Mexico. CST off the coast of Panama City, Florida, according to the SpaceX website.