Learn About Baldwin County Alabama State USA News Date: 19-06-2023  

Donald (Don) G. Bigler was a leader in sustainable manufacturing and automotive aftermarket. He was 

the founder of BBB Industries LLC. He has left the world forever.He died at his home on Friday, June 16.

 Bigler was 91 years old. His home was in Mobile.Duncan Gillis, CEO of BBB Industries LLC, expressed his

 deepest condolences to Bigler's family. He said Bigler was a founder but was a friend and mentor to everyone. 

We miss him so much.Bigler has two sons and their names are Jeff and Bruce. Together they founded BBB. 

Their efforts have established this company as a good company for turning electrical parts.Funeral services for Bigler will follow 

at Memorial Gardens Funeral Home in Mobile. It will be at 6 pm. The second visit will be on June 21 at 1 pm. 

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